New-AJ-Air Jordan 1 Low

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    Air Jordan aj1 AJ1 Jordan 1 generation Joe 1 low series Air Jordan 1 Low
    Joe 1 Low-top Ye Taiguangkong 40-46 (40 40.5 41 42 42.5 43 44 44.5 45 46)

    The whole pair of shoe design star is the theme of the sky, and the upper is the color The thin green lotus color, and there are some shades of green color embellishment, bring a refreshing and refreshing visual effect. The toe of the shoe is dressed up in black, with black toe style, and the same material is used in the same material with snake-like leather road leather. It’s wild enough now. The middle part of the shoe body is made of white color. The biggest highlight is the sideways Nike Swoosh Logo and the river silver star dress in the back, blue, pink, purple, Multi-colors such as green and white are blended to present a real starry effect. The black shoes are decorated with a white 23 label on the tongue and the Jumpman Logo. In addition to the Jumpman Logo, the insole also has a green splash spray effect. JD The Gefeiyi logo with embroidered thorn gauges on the heel also shows the fine detail of the pair of shoes. With white and mid-color soles and night light soles, a complete pair of shoes design. The addition of the night light and the whole pair of shoes makes it possible to have an eye-catching performance even in the dark.